Do you hear that this waterfall sings happy song “We are in love, We are in love”? Yes, this song is about my Italian client and his future wife. Our client Anna came to his life suddenly and took him completely in the positive energy if Love. He did not expect that can be like this. Now they cont the days before meeting in those wonderful place of Italia, where he has a big house.

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Some our clients ask us if we continue to work  now? Yes, we work. It is not easy, but we do everything in order the people who are alone can meet each other.

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 Please specify what problem I made till now and try to be logical.

I just sumnarize our situation:

We decided that you came again on 8th of January. My caugh and small flu ended on 8;so we could meet on 9,even on 10..but your father presented you the voucher of 12 holidays days in that failed our second meeting..ok..I said:my love is better that you finis your holiday with family cause I don't want that your dad hates me and reverse on me every wrote me thank for your wise advice but I need you,I have to come to you.
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