The chance to one of our client. Her name is Lena. Our Italian client can make her happy.

"One day you will thank life for giving you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

I want to help you and get to know you personally.

You will be protected. Safe.

You will be happy. I will take care of you and respect you as a decent man can.

My mother, who is a widow, lives in her house alone. My sister lives in her house with her family. I live in my house. Everyone lives in his own home. We love each other and have mutual respect.

You must be calm."

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Finally! Great news in our Matchmaking agency  “Love”. Lena send us those photos where she 

with her fiance Mike. Lena met Mike in our  agency and it was the attraction from first sight. Than thus attention  started to grow, grow and now It is love.

Lena was born in a small city near Lviv, Mike was born in Germany in a small village not far from Berlin. As Lena speaks good German language, it was easy to them to develop the relationships. Lena graduated the Institut of foreign languages and she speaks ... Read more »

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Dear my love Carol..

I realised how much is heavy the emptiness you left in my life and heart with your disappearing..

Clouds are obscuring the sun's rays every days.. 

And moon refuses to  spread its light, in order to cover l my days,my moments,my morning with night darkness

And my soul gets cupe and lost wherever I go,wathever i do..

I begg you to come into my life

Coming at once to me..

Come in a couple of days..

My house will be full with your smile,ejth your sweet voice, with your warm,with your extreme beautyness..

❤️ love you

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Our client from Italia is serious to develop the relations with our client Natalie. We like this serious attitude.

"When I see Natalie in Italy, then I believe her words. I have heard only sentences without concreteness. When she wants to come, she is welcome. She must only say the date and send a copy of the passport for the plane ticket. Of course I need to know where she leaves from. Kiev, Warsaw, Prague",...


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Nice to know that peope need you and your work. And It is so nice to know that you can help. this letter I received from my client from USA And, of course, i will help him.

"I hope you will help me find a soulmate. I'm beginning to think it's hopeless. With so much selfishness and mean spirited nature out there. I feel the world has turned into following a dark path. I find this quite concerning. Please call back Luda. Don't leave me hanging out to dry. You said you wouldn't"

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