Dear our customer! Happy New year! In Ukrainian we celabrate New Year 14 of January. For us, Ukrainian, New Year come with snow, cold weather and with our special traditions. 

As the war now, many of us are in  Europe now and  the celabrations are different. But we are sure that soon we will come back home and next  New Year we will invite you to celebrate it with us in Ukraine according our traditions.

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My Wish is to know more about you Yana. What is your favorite music? I hope you will enjoy the songs I write. Seeing pictures of you could inspire me to write songs about you. What are your favorite colors so I may bring you flowers in such an array. I hope your dream is for loving warmth and safety with a good man. My hope for you to be with the man of your dreams. My wish is for you to find a man who will delight in you and place you first in his life. May his feelings for you go far Beyond Words.  The camera is kind to you Yana. Your smile and your eyes and flowing hair light up a room from the very essence of your style and grace in that gorgeous red dress. I would welcome hearing the sound of your voice with that ensemble. You are sure to be irresistible. I ... Read more »

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