Poetry Of Love


This our client from Italia is in Love. Only read was spended poetry he wrote to his loved lady, which he has found in our  Matchmaking agency "Love "

" My Dear,

you left a desert in my hearth. 

I feel a huge emptyness around me..

You were my joy

My mood

My happyness

My strength

My voice

My blod

My hotness

My desire

My joy of living

My inner energy 

My sun through the  clouds

My light in the dark

My salt in my food 

My oxygen for my lungs

My water for my thirst 

My bread for my hunger

My heater for my house 

My brain for my work

My legs for my walking..

Bring it back

Bring it back 

Don't take it away from me..

Because I need you 

Flame of my life!

Queen of my hearth ..


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