My Dearest Ruslana

 This letter  sent our client to his loved girl. He gave the permission to publish it. What sinsere letter. we are sure that she will love him.

"Dearest Ruslana,
I found you and I'm ready for the Hunt Ruslana!
You wrote to me twice last month and I read every word. Your so intelligent and beautiful and I believe your soul is warm creative and quite lovely. Yes I'm hunting for love now. I look at you and read your letters over and over and get something new each about you each time. You are different Ruslana. You are special and you deserve a man with a beautifully kind heart and I know someone like that who is alone and searching. Yes I'm searching for you Ruslana. I'm a  Musician . I also own a Real Estate Brokerage Services Company. I've been trading real estate properties for many years. But music is my passion. It's a creative process that's so wonderful to play write and rewrite refine into a seamless melody of light sound and lyrical story painting colorful notes and expressions of my heart. I want to share these creations with my soulmate. Because she is so much part of it. I hope you have not yet found your beloved man in 38 days since your last letter. As they say timing is everything. I'm traveling or should I say my Producer is traveling to the Philippines this May. I haven't looked at a map yet to see how close it is to Bali. Just did. You're not far away. It's on the same continent. I want to see you and perhaps spend a week or 2 with you and get to know my Huntress Ruslana. I want to touch that fabulous palm tree tattoo and look in those mystic eyes and take you to a romantic dinner dine with a sunset on the beach. I want to know what it's like to hold you and kiss you. And more... I want my eyes to touch you and listen to the sound of your voice and how you speak the words you do. And your body language tells me of your warmth and tenderness softly. I want to make you laugh and your heart sing.
. The title song is about a family whose son is struggling with a drug addiction and they triumph over fire and darkness with God's grace and guidance in Love and with the support of friends and family members. These songs I've written and sing play the acoustic guitar. The album cover art is in the attached photo to assist your search if you are so inclined to do a reverse photo search to find my music. If you do I hope you like. I'm extremely interested in you. Sorry for my 38 day delay. I would like to think our getting together is worth the wait my Darling Ruslana. I know my eyes can't wait to see you! I will listen and talk to you when and wherever you like. I want you to know me as deeply as you would like. I have a rich interesting past. . I hope we can develop a special once in a lifetime relationship Ruslana. I welcome your response.
Sincerely Yours,"

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