Lina, Don't Miss Your Chance


What a seious our customs is.

"Lina, you are at a crossroads. You have to choose what you really want.
They are personal choices.
With me you can have a home, food, serenity, clothes, security ....
But if you just want a man  but you don't want to meet this man (like me), I think we want different things. I want to meet you to hang out with you and build a romantic relationship as a couple.
So the decision is yours alone - think and make the right choice for you.
Your future cannot be that of a refugee woman. The future in Ukraine will still be difficult and risky (a war-worn country, with lots of weapons around, therefore dangerous, and with nuclear radiation ...).
I believe in you. But I want to live with you every day. What can I do more? Be careful not to make mistakes. You have a man who is really interested in you. It is your luck. Don't miss your chance. Send me all your photos again. In a moment of disappointment, I canceled everything.
I always think of you".

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