in Love

 Our client from USA is in love. Great!. He gave the permission to us to publish his letter in order to share his feelings with us.Thanks.

"Inna !!  I couldn't agree with you more! When it comes to love, let's not waste time in discovering more about each other. 

Inna My Star!
I love your idea of not wasting time. Because sharing time with you is well worth the risk when it's about a possible love we might find for one another. I the second I saw you I knew she was always you. So beautiful and deeply appreciative for the right Man. And deeply affectionate and incredibly intelligent. I'm looking for that kind of woman to share the rest of my life with her. And maybe she is you, Inna!
I'm a Christian Musician Recording Artist Guitarist Singer Songwriter Performer Worship Leader in my Church. I have a record out heard all over the world and I have performed live on radio and TV. My Album is entitled Saved From The Fire. The title song is about a Family and their son battling a heroin drug addiction. Saved from the fire of his addiction through God Family and Friends. I enjoy performing and playing to live audiences and in the studio. My second Album is due out this year entitled "Crossroads". About the dramatic life changes at critical intersections in our lives. Hope you search and find the music I play. Do a reverse picture search on the the attached album cover design and I am on YouTube Spotify Apple Amazon and others. Enter the Album Title and Artist name and it should pop right up for you.
I own and operate a real estate Brokerage Services Company that provides proprietary software and sales purchasing and investment acquisition services to clients. I am the proud Father of 2 Sons, both are fully grown now, College graduates successfully employed. I am now an official Alpha Male ready for discovery in search of the woman of my life. Your profile and letter is so wonderful to view and read. I enjoy the opportunity to know more about you. Why? Because putting it simply, you take my breath away. Thank you for your letter. It is so nice to know that beautiful angels like you still really do exist Inna my Star!"

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