He Will Make Her in Italia

 She can be happy with him in his country, in Italia. We are sure. Only read his sinsere letter:

"I believe your arrival only when I come to pick you up personally. Of course I hope you come. I wish it for myself, but mostly for you. The worst situation you have experienced, together with tens of millions of your compatriots, can turn for you and (unfortunately) very few others into a net improvement in your life. It's up to you to be smart. Behave correct. Don't lose what you can have. And even more who will do your good. Think about the future. Use common sense and wisdom. Those who are satisfied enjoy. And whoever wants too much gets nothing. But you can give so much to me too. Be so much for me. I know that in addition to being welcomed with respect and human warmth, you need to be at ease. I will help you every day. You can count on me. You told me you will arrive next weekend. We'll see if that's the case! Here in Italy tens of thousands of Ukrainians are arriving and the lucky ones end up in the homes of Italians. Others in dormitories organized for the emergency. Your life must resume its normal course. Spring is coming. Then the summer. You will like the climate, the food, the distance from the war, the culture, the art of my country. Stand by Me. Stay by my side. If you come, because you are not here yet, you will thank your life because what does not happen in a year has happened in a moment for you. And you will be happy. Really happy."

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