Date In Geneva

 Almost one year there is a war.  We wake up early in the morning the 24 of February 2022 and the life is changed.  Changed completely.  We couldn’t believe that it was truth, but almost one year it is truth. 

 At the beginning we were losted like majority of our people. But then we told to ourself: we need to do something good in this life.  And we continued to work and help the animals who was also suffering of war. 

   Many businesses  at the beginning were stopped, but we worked.

 And we work everyday. Look to this photo. This photo is made yesterday in restaurant near Geneve.  There, yesterday was  the date of our clients. He came from Holland. She  lives there from the beginng of war.

 We do not know if they will be together in the future or no, but we are glad that they had that date.   Only the fact that  our future couples meet each other in different cities of Europe-gives the positive energy. 

And all the people now need it. 

 We are glad that we can write about so positive things.

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