Dear women! look at the photo of our client!. His name is Mika He is from Sweden.. He is so lonely. We published already his photo and information in our site , but  nobody answered to him. He is very sad.

Now we publish his e-mail direct. Write to Mika.  Your letter will make him happy!

 his e-mail is:

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Dear girls! look this ideal face!. It's not many men in the world so handsome.

We have a new very nice client. His name is Piyush, he is 30y.o. ,173cm 60 kg. He is from India,but graduated the University in London. Piosh was never married and he has no children. He has his own business .

 Piyush is very kind  and tender person. He likes the animal, the nature,  our planet and protects all alive creatures. It's his religious. 

He is looking foe a young girl until 22y.o. with the same outlook to t ... Read more »

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The girls are coming to the the Party from all Ukraine.

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Here is your write up you requested for your website.[I asked my client John to write  his thoughts about Ukraine, what impressed his a lot: positives things, and negative things. Positive ,of course,  was the beauty of Ukrainian women. Negative -read yourself}

When you come to the Ukraine be prepared for things that have no logical
explanation. My then girlfriend and I went to the government bank
so that she could pay her taxes. After waiting 1.5 hours, finally she
was called. Unfortunately, she was a little short on her payment due to
a 4 day late penalty. I was standing there and offered to pay her
approximate $50 penalty with my credit card. The lady clerk refused the
payment because as a non-Ukrainian citizen I could not pay for the tax
bill for a Ukrainian citizen. I did not have enough Ukrainian cash. So
we went to find an ATM to get cash. Of course the ATM at the government
bank would not take ... Read more »

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