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My name is John.I  came to Kiev a couple of years ago with a large  group tour through a d

ifferent International Agency.

We were meeting different girls who have hundreds of other men writing them and asking them out when they were here.

Its didn’t take me long to realize that most of the girls that I was meeting, Just wanted a nice, expensive meal at a restaurant. Some of the girls were even talking the men in  to buying them there weekly groceries at the supermarket . I thought all was lost until  I met Lyuda by recommendation. She told me she could help me if I was serious about finding  a wife. She showed me hundreds of pictures of local girls. These were not girls on website that had men writing them, but local girls who didn’t want to be in website, but they wanted to find a good man, only serious.

Lyuda went above and beyond to find out more about me and what I was looking for. While I was looking through the pictures,she was  also looking for a girl that she thought would be a good match for me. She suggested that Imeet just that special girl. Her name was Lena. Lyuda introduced me to the most wonderful and beautiful girl in the world. I was so happy!

By the time I was leaving to go back to the States, but I was so happy that I met Lena. I knew this  was the girl I wanted to spend my whole life with.

Lyuda helped us even after I was in America. She helped her learn English,so that she woud

 Not feel uncomfortable when she came to theU.S.

Lyuda worked from her heart.She went above and beyond to find a girl that would be my True Love. She spent hours helping Lena learn English. After 2 weeks  we could communicate with Lena in English.

 If you want to find your True Love then talk whis Lyuda. She will put her heart into trying to find you a future wife! ... Read more »

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Ukrainian, pronounced  is an East Slavic language. It is the official state language of Ukraine and the principal language of Ukrainians. Written Ukrainian uses a variant of the Cyrillic script (see Ukrainian alphabet).

The Ukrainian language traces its origins to the Old East Slavic of the early medieval state of Kievan Rus'. From 1804 until theRussian Revolution, the Ukrainian language was banned from schools in the Russian Empire, of which biggest part of Ukraine(Central, Eastern and Southern) was a part at the time. It has always maintained a sufficient base in Western Ukraine, where the language was never banned, in its folklore songs, itinerant musicians, and prominent authors. ... Read more »

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