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Dating Agency "Love" in Ukraine

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Some our cliets live now in Portugal. After the war they had to go there. This video and photos were send by one of them.

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Her ​​​​​​name is Lana and she is modern, educated and beautiful girl from Ukraine. She is alone and lookinf for her man. Do you want to know her better? We will be glad to help you. 

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Look in what beautiful place my new couple spend their holiday. Its in Alps.just in the center of Europe. But it is no so important where they are , the most important that they are happy to be together.It not happen very often in our agency, but  this couple was happy to meet each other.

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Our couple made this video in Monaco. They spent 3 days there together. He lives there, she came to visit him. They  met each other in our Matchmaking agency “ Love” few years ago. And only now she cout visit him. We have the hope that after this meeting in Monaco we will receive news that they will be married soon.

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How is pleasant to our clients when they are in love. This is our Italian client is waiting for Julia. We presented Julia to him not long time ago, but they liked each  other. Now It is time foe Julia to meet him. The tickets from Kiev are booked and  soon  they will be together. Long way from Kiev to Roma, but if young prople liked eash other-the distance is no problem. We wish to they big love and soon wedding. They both are ready for this.

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 Our couple continues to travel and enjoy life and mutual companionship. It is clear that the landscape accompanies the couple to be together and to get to know each other better. We hope you like the videos they have shared with us. Because we hope that all our clients will find their partner soon and be happy.

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My new couple made wonderful trip to Italia. They know each other not longtime and they try to know each better, because they have serious intentions about marriage. Now they are in this Paradise, sending their holiday.

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This is Irina, she's our client and she's from Herson. She had to leave her hometown and is now a refugee in Portugal. He has made us these wonderful videos, showing us unique and beautiful places. She is single and is waiting to find the person who fills her, who supports her and is always respectful of her. We hope we can help you in this task. For now we leave you their videos, we hope you like them.

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Those video were send by our client Marina. Our client Marina now is in Austria. Now she is in Austria as a refugee. Because the war in Ukraine. She has the hope to come back home soon. Her home is in Kiev. But now in free time she likes to visit the museums and sent this video.

As she is a lady very intelligent, she uses the time in order to know something new and develop her knowledge. She visits the library there and also the musems. She sent today interesting videos from some museums. Maybe will be intereting to somebody to look

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Her name is Alena, she is single and do not have children. She is looking for kind man for marriage. If you want contact Alena, we will be glad to help you. Our phone is 380 67 974 92 42 

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There is the special romantic places for holidays for prople who are in love. In this video you can see one of those place. Its Spain. Island Christina in Atlantic ocean. Here one my couple are soending the holiday. We have the hope that they will be together in the future. Will be nice to have one more marriage in our Matchmaking agency “Love”

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"Luda, perhaps to speed up your search for me, since there are 7 million Ukrainian women, many of them without a future, a well-being, a job, a home, a little peace, you should (perhaps) contact other agencies your competitors or maybe it is even better to look for people who have never gone to the agency.
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He Look For Woman...

"I thank you because you worry about my loneliness. You ask me to write again to K. and Natasha. I will not write to them. They had to be flattered by my courtship. They had to be here, happy to be with me. Instead, they made different choices. I don’t care about a capricious, stupid, ungrateful woman. By December 2022 I’ll be engaged to a woman. That depends on me. I’m just trying to figure out where I’m gonna live. I don’t want to get engaged to a woman in my area and then walk away 800 miles from her. It wouldn’t be fair to both of us. It’s almost impossible for me to get engaged to a Ukrainian woman. With Ukrainian women, it was just a waste of time. If I was 100% interested befo ... Read more »

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After Natasha there will be no other foreigne

women. The speech for me ends here. Everyone will live life as he wants. If I am not enough for Natasha, K,... for me it is not a problem. My life goes on well. I have no particular problems. I’m tired of chasing these ungrateful women. Unreliable people. It’s been an experience. Mistakes are made in life. It is important not to repeat the same mistakes. And above all to believe that they were opportunities. Do not propose any more of your  friends. Thank you--

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We are very glad to show you, dear readers, this video from Monaco. This video is made by our new couple. He lives there. He met her in our agency couple years ago. And only now she could come to him. They are in love and very happy. We have the hope that they will be married soon.

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The same Natasha

"If Natasha is not convinced to come to my house, I do not beg her. She should run. She should have no doubts. She should not miss this chance. If she does not come, it means that I am too little for her. Then she is nothing for me. I have a future of serenity, well-being, economic wealth. I don’t think so. But that’s not my problem."

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"Natasha texted me this morning that she should think about coming to Italy.

I thought she was just waiting for my invitation, which I gave her.

If she wants to come, she’ll write to me.

If she doesn’t want to come, she’ll stay in Ukraine.

And it’ll be worse for her."

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 Romantic Date in Monaco

 What a great event was yesterday in our agency. It was a very romantic meeting of one our couplr in Monaco.

 They met each other few years ago in our Agency, but only yesterday they could meet in his place, where he lives,

We are waiting the news of them and we have the hope that the news will be good.

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