Уears: 26 | Children: NO | Education: University 2019-04-06, 00:15

I am tender, romantic, honest and kind. I enjoy flowers, animals and nature in general. I  like learning  new things all the time and that's why I feel like improving my English or even beginnning with another language. Life is beautiful especially if it is shared with a smart and intelligent man. I'm interested in marriage and meeting someone for serious purposes.

ID GIRL: Tatiana 1544

Уears: 26 years | Weight: 54 cm | Height: 170 cm | Children: No | Profession: Make-up artist

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1 Michael Butko  
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Nice profile you have
Im Ukrianan myself

2 luda  
Hello, Michael Butko, we will be glad to help you meet this girl. Please contact by phone, viber or whatsapp. Best regards.

3 Contento  
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Very beautyfull

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