100% Serious

"This Natalie, you introduced me a long time ago. As did Llina and many others. She told me that I was not enough for her. She wanted more! You’re a person who feels unreachable. But now she has to beg you to find a man for her because with beauty (the world is full of beautiful women) she does not pay the bill at the supermarket, she does not buy a house, a car,. She hated living with a handsome man like me in a beautiful house...

Now it is in the window, like any object to the highest bidder.

Such a woman gives no guarantee of fidelity, sincerity, duration.

I am looking for a beautiful person but 100% serious.

It takes respect for people. 

I do not put my life in the hands of a starving woman who feels the number one on planet earth, when instead she is no one and must only have awareness and humility to know their limits, which are so many"

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