Today we reveived a letter from new client. He complains about not honest Marriage agencies. But there are honest Marriage agenies. We are one of them. We do not write the letters instead the girls, we organize the dates bettween ladies and men and we are responsible for a good organisation of those dates. we sell also the Whats ap, Viber or Telagrams numbers of Ladies. We worked more then 20 years and our Agency is situated in the same adress and the same name "Love" and the same contact telephone. It is easy to see in our Site.

"!I will be more than happy to do that but you realize that there are so many fraud in the market and most of the marriage agencies are cheating and giving a wrong information and falsified girls which does not e ... Read more »

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"Again after some thinking I have come to a resolution that we approach the life situation too differently to make a good match. So better stop messaging. I am sure that a Lady like you has no problems to find a better matching man to continue. I hope you  understand me.

Lyubov, I want to be 100% honest with you. I just want a very beautiful woman. But beauty must be accompanied by humility, intelligence, education, honesty. Italy is really a beautiful country where you can live well. These women all look like porcelain dolls, people who have not understood anything about their lives, females who have absurd claims, individuals who have no money to buy a house in my country, who can never buy a car, Women who no one’s gonna get a decent job. Al ... Read more »

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