Love is every thing in this world- Thanks for the love of our parents we came in this world.  Without love the life is empty. Everybody in our planet is looking for love. 

Love is like a pillow,you hug it when you are happy,you will embrace it when you are sad and you will press and hold it when you are crying.

 In Europe there is a special Museum of Love. 

 One our client was there and made few photos there. We publish few.

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Last warm days in Europe in this year. And my new couple decided that those warm days are juset for them to go to vacation in order to know each other better. They decide to go to Cadiz, in the South of Spain. This year was unusually warm and even in the end of October it was possible to swim in the ocean. As the girl doest not speak English, I was invited to translate. We spent 5 days in Cadiz and they could realize that they are for each other. But for now it was no Engagement yet. The girl’s father in in war now, they stay in contact for now, but when the war will be finished they will meet again with parents and will be the Engagement in our agency. We hope that It will be like this!

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What a nice and beautiful this our client. Educated, setious, kind and responsible. But cannot find her half. We tried to arrange for her the best our clients, but it did not work. Now she is alone again. She is suffering a lot. But she is young and there is a hope that one nice man will meet her in our agency. She is waiting!

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