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"Obviously We Have a Communication Problem Here."..

Ukrainian women are simple to communicate? Read the letter of our  nice client  David and you will understand how difficult to find this one, special lady for marriage. 
"I am not sure what is best to say than the truth. I am a tough man because I spent an entire life rescuing others, and facing all the horrors this world can produce.

Dating women from Ukraine has proven that the women do not understand me. 

All the women here think that if they are silent to me, ignore me, or make it difficult to be with them that I will just want them more. 

That might work on other men, but it that never works on me. Let explain why. It is not arrogance, but how I know who and what I am, and that I am a good man, better than most others.

I achieve and succeed life, while taking care of the less fortunate, and fighting against bullies.

I expect to be treated like a good man, and I will treat all good women as good. 

I keep my goals simple and achievable. But I also understand that I have to be careful when my goals are dependent upon the commitments of other people.

What I am looking for is a woman ready for babies, a life in the countryside, where we work out businesses remotely, make good money, but live in a natural environment where we can always find happiness.

I don't mind visiting the cities, but I don't want my children to live in a small room. I want them to know nature and understand it.

To earn my respect a woman should work to build a relationship and not set the terms of the relationship to suit herself, but which are beneficial to all.

But I have to admit that I find it difficult to find a woman who is serious and ready for a unique relationship with me.

I will be completely honest, I am second guessing my decision to find a woman from Ukraine. For all the talk that Ukrainian women want the man to lead, all I have seen is women who are inflexible. Maybe it is the quality of our communication.

I will also explain that I have always had a back up plan in case I could not find a good woman for myself. I have a female surrogate mother in Thailand. She will give me two babies, I will just be a single father. It is not the best solution, but the alternative is no children, or children with a bad woman. Neither outcome am I willing accept.

I don't know why it is so difficult for you to respond to me and communicate with some level of clarity, but I am a highly communicative person and I am very detailed, so when I am ignored, or given very short responses, I find it difficult for me to remain emotionally connected to that person."


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