She and He

But the reality is it is me who have problem: I was too generous when I was traveling to Kiev. I used my credit card too much with hope to pay back quickly by working more. Sorry I became more sick on my back and hands with pain. I need healthy brain and hands if I can work. I already used  all my money. So no possibility to save money for trip. 

But I feel pity for Inga who would need at least 2 couples days out from stressed Ukraine by missiles and dark times without light because this war will continue next year too

Last week I got an idea on my head: if she want of course I got an idea if I try from now save only little money from food money until August for for her ticket for 2 couples days to Gothenburg Sweden. I can fix food at home as usual. We can take tour with enough big boat from my city to Danmark. I think it is better than nothing. After have paid back whole debt from my credit card I will be able to save money for trip abroad. It is my idea if she wants

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