Not Easy to Find A Wife

 Do you think that It is easy to find a wife for decent nice Italian man? Only read his letter and you will understand that It is so difficult.

I’m surprised these women on dating sites, they feel unreachable. Their photos are always edited with the computer. Most of them are normal women. They should be humble and thank for meeting a ( decent) Western man. In this way they would live a country in peace, in well-being, in beautiful houses... You have advised many women, but they do not listen to your suggestions. Even for us Westerners life is not easy, for Ukrainian women in the West it is impossible. But even Italian women are absurd This week I wanted to have a relationship with a beautiful Italian woman. She has a 16 year old daughter who does not want to study, she also smokes not normal things and she is very rude to her mother I’m not available for any more trouble. I’m very sorry for you and your daughter. Better on my own. I’m leaving for work tomorrow. I’m grateful for this job. 

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