Yes,  its not easy to find your dream girl.  But its possible. We decided  whis Michael to meet 10 girls-candidates in a day. Its difficult to meet many girls in a day, but there is no another way. People typically know if they are interested in  each other in a  matter of  minutes. But you need to spend those minutes, and any extra time you spend whis someone you are not interested in is wasted. And its difficult for everybody, but you need to do this rutine work in order to have the result. And the result is near the door  already, this we feel.

 As Michael will find his dream-girl ,we will publish her photo. We are sure , that Michael can make his girl the most happy girl in the world.

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 Michael came to our Agency from Australia. He came  whis very serious intentions- to find his dream-girl. Its seems that he already find her in our Agency. Michael gave the permition for us to publish his photos whith our girls in process to find his dream-girl.

Here is his letter about his dream:


Ideally, my partner would have a child that was 16 or older, or also ok if she already has a child, or a woman who having a child is not a critical factor. I have a son who is 29 years old and a step son who is 18 years old.


I am looking for my one and only Soul Mate to co-create the most beautiful abundant life. She would be open minded, sensual, passionate about life and learning new things, love to travel and create a ... Read more »

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In my country we still celebrate the Women's Day. This tradition was very strong in the Soviet Union.  Every year we celebrated The 8th of March- Women day. It was tradition. It was official Holiday. Now its only the people celebrate between them this holiday. But its so nice to received the small presents from dear man in this day or before this day. Our client Aliona does not like the flowers in vase. She preferes the flowers alive.Bob knows this. He sended money for this nice present. Aliona is very happy  for this nice present from him to the 8th of March, Women Day!

Aliona is an ecologist and she likes the alive bflowers in her house.

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Para empezar nos gustaría advertiles que no todas las chicas pueden utilizar este servicio en sus casas. La principal razón es que muchas de ellas no hablan bien el ingles, muy pocas hablan en castellano, francés, italiano, portugues o alemán. Por ello es más fácil que la chica se acerque a nuestra agencia, donde le ayudarán nuestros interpretes. Si le gustaría hacer una videoconferencia con alguna de nuestras chicas no dude en ponerse en contacto con nosotros a través de nuestro teléfono móvil en Kiev +380679749242 o nuestro correo electrónico o rellenando nuestro formulario en las paginas o e consultar las o ... Read more »

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