Our client from USA John    has done  a difficult job- he met a lot of women, who  could be his candidates for marriage. Some meetings were very positive, some no. But he always was optimist and it was a big pleasure to work with him.

She,John and me in the new Fish Restaurant in Kiev,  Podol .

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We have a good tradition in Christmas -to do the charity to orphan. This year   some our clients made a very good presents for a 10 years girl Ania, who lives in the village not far from Chernigov. She lives with her grandmother.

So our client bought   very nice boots for her . We were happy to do at least this small thing for this little girl and make her happy in those special days

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"I totally respect women and there values...I want to find a woman who will appreciate me...love me...and be faithfull... I want to find my soulmate, person how i nead my life the person how i cant live whitout and that are mayby you! ... Read more »

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