Women For Marriage

Dear Luba, You should advise these Ukrainian women to take natural photos, just as they are in reality. Being made up like dolls, or even sending photos edited with filters is useless. They have to be accepted as they really are. If a man wants a woman for one night, he finds so many opportunities. But if a man wants to meet a woman to try to have a healthy relationship, he wants her to be like Mom gave birth to her I have known in Italy a number of Ukrainian women that nobody wants, because they have nothing to offer an Italian man, and they came as refugees of war thinking that their youth allowed them to demand everything from Italian men. It’s the exact opposite. Italian man prefers to date Italian woman who has a home, a job, money, a car rather than wasting time with these poor Ukrainian women. Unfortunately, it’s the sad truth. Italian man   has no intention of creating a family with these women.  We need women- personalities,whith those women we will merry.

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