Woman Must Bring Bread at Home

 Dear ladies! Read the letter of our Italian customer. Read and remember- woman must bring  bread at home.  what now  modern men want!

"Dear Luba, I really appreciate your ability to propose these women to Western men. You are looking for a better future for them. Unfortunately, they don’t understand that life isn’t about living off other people’s money. They’re rigged like dolls. They are dressed like dolls. I have no emotion from such a woman. Surely she is a beautiful woman, sexually attractive, but I have no empathy with a person who sells smoke. I don’t care. There is need of beauty, but also of intelligence, of sobriety. A woman who has the opportunity to work,  to bring bread home, a woman not naked but dressed, a woman who cooks dinner You need an old fool who wants a doll. I’m looking for a different person. You are a special person .Thank for all. "

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