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We Still Are Looking...

 We still are looking for a dream girl for our Italian nice client.

"Even if you think you can introduce me to a Ukrainian woman that I will fall in love with instantly, I must tell you that I think it will be very difficult, almost impossible that this will happen. The women you introduced me to are aesthetically of a medium-low level, the only two who were beautiful were K. and N. But at 32, they think they can expect anything. They think men fall at their feet. They don’t. Absolutely. I. was the only smart person. The rest time and money lost. The truth is not that they don’t like me, but that I don’t care about these women at all. I just don’t know what to do about it. At most half an hour of sex to be brutal and blunt. But even this, because there is the line of Italian women for little serious things. That said, don’t worry because even if nothing went well, you don’t have any woman, I say woman, who can be my life partner. You tried. You couldn’t. I’m used to beautiful Italian women. I don’t take a normal Ukraine. I have no advantage. There are desperate men in the world, you can change their lives. You have never given me anything concrete. Just talk. Many. It was all right."

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