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We Are Ready for Cooperation

 We are ready for cooperation with all the Marriage agencies of the world. I think ,that is nice when the people  have the possibility to find their destiny in any part of the word. Nobody knows where can be his or her destiny- in this part of world, or in that part of world. The main thing - It is result. That's why we will be happy to work with all agencies of the world, if they are interested in this.  Yesterday we received a letter form England and we said "Yes".

"I am currently setting up a UK based dating website for British gentlemen seeking a long - term relationship and marriage. The website itself is only a couple of weeks old, but realizing that I find myself in the difficult situation of finding Ukrainian ladies to upload their profiles on the website who are seriously looking for a British man for a genuine relationship, because, since it is based here in the UK and not in the Ukraine, advertising and attracting the ladies is genuinely difficult, of course, I have no problem finding the males here in the UK as the website is frequently advertised on Google and many men have registered an interest. I am looking for an agency in the Ukraine who have ladies who wish to seek a relationship only with a British man and would upload their profile on the website in the normal way. The website is free to register and to upload, so please feel free to use it. The website does require an email address, it is not a problem that any email correspondence would, at first, go to your office if you use your email address, the main point is that the British male would like to contact the Ukrainian lady which is the aim of the exercise. I am also thinking of a way where we can help each other, maybe a banner exchange or something, so I am open to ideas?. I hope that this communication will result in agreement for both our websites

Kindest regards and hope to communicate again soon"


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