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True Love is ...

We publish a letter from one our client:

"True Love is ...

Magnificent feelings and passion to begin with...

Desire and wanting to be together...constant attraction and emotional feeding to each other...

The feeling of many moments which both of couple want to stay together all the time.

However...all these crazy fantastic feelings can be crushed into thousands pieces when there is lack of TRUST.

Trust must be earned through times of trials and errors. Falling in love betwern two people can be gift from God. It is an opportunity given to two people to create their own love story.

But without trust worthiness in action and characters, the grand feeling of Love can be blown away like a wind.

So gentlemen...

Trust must be doesn't matter how much your chosen lady is adroable and charming..even her french kiss melt down your cold frozen heart from ice age cold stone into white chcolate latte, you must test your girl in every categories.

These following test points are advised by Miss Luda who is the expert matchmaker and the owner of Love Agency.

1. Does your chosen girl trying to get to know you deeper level or just like to spend time and money of you? Most of Ukrainian girls never ask man to buy things directly. If she is using emotion to buy you things she wants all the time. Then it is big red flag and she didn't pass your exam. She is shallow gold digger. You have choice to dump her now or later. You can ask Luda about details!

2. After you proposed to your chosen girl to be your fiancee or soon to be wife or even serious girl friend. Discuss details of time line. If she wants to marry you as soon as possible..within 6 months or so..then she did pass your exam. If she is saying after her education is done..2 years later or whatever her issue is more important than yours then..she is not serious about relationshion. This is something you can discuss even before you propose to her. But make sure you discuss every details. Don't waste your time with these immature girls."

we will continue publish...

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