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Tao of Love, Part 3

4. Let reality be reality.

- another classical dysfunction of men. We are realistic animals but we just don't like to accept the real facts about girls we fall in love or attracted to.

Yes our DNA is wired to be attracted to physically beautiful women. V secret models and all these actresses and we often discuss our types from these professionally trained in emotion girls from TV and films.

And this is our true weakness. Don't be deceived from our own lust guys. Yeah we men all love innocent beautiful sexy body ladies. But we have to ask ourselves...are we looking for a bodies or life long treasured partner who will raise our kids and protect our family together?

I'm not saying turn down meeting pretty girls. Go out and meet them and realize who they are. But learn from these meetings. Can you really risk half of your life with these pretty face ?

Reality is wherever you go..from poorest countries to richest countries...pretty girls are always in high demand and men are always trying to have them as their wives or as their mistresses.

Reality is harsh and sad.

In Chinese proverb, " beautiful girls have tragic life."

In bible, even Jesus met the girl by the water well who had 5 husbands. Why do you think the girl was being able to marry 5 times in ancient roman empire time? The girl must've been insanely hot.

It happens in our life today as well.

Miranda K, wife of snapchat CEO. She was married before with kid but still managed to steal billionaire's heart.

Nothing wrong with it. But reality remains. Extremely beautiful women usually can survive without our men's love and care. They need more and they want more than just love.

Always be realistic when you make a decision.

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