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Tao of Love, Part 2

3. Don't resist them; that only creates sorrow.

- we men share common characteristics ..which is we like to make things and set things on order and like to be in control. And when we face difficulties we tend to resist and try to solve the problems first. 

However in relationship, you can't resist nor force nor control the dynamics and emotional changes. Heart of women are not machine and they often do not follow logics. Most of women fall in love with men without knowing exact reasons. And you can't build or plan to let her fall for you.

Never plan how to make her fall in love with are so simple and we tend to get disappointed nor get upset when plan doesn't work out. But when it comes to love need to engage naturally in day by day cases..

Every girls have different emotional characters as such as we men have different personalities. You have to see how she reacts per meeting..some girls fall fast and some girls take time.

Love has no formula.
Each cases are so different and unique.

As for my own experience, 10 years ago..i was running huge business and incredibly busy..had no time for relationship...and yet i tried to find the right one within a year.

Guess what happened? Love doesn't come into our life planned limited schedules! We men tend to choose the best of what we have from our choices.

And those choices are not necessarily best choices of our life.

Let me tell you something gents! We all have to choose what is more important. Our business or our life partner. The family laws are changing rapidly through out the continents. And even recently jeff bezoz, richest man in the world is going thru divorce could lose half of what you have built and made by choosing wrong life partner.

Don't try to choose from what you have because you planned to get married in a year or 2 years. Choose the ONE. The right one. Destined One. If you believe in God. Then never compromise with your own excuse!  Be patient and wait for the right one. It will be worth it.

We will continue publish...

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