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She Met Love in Our Agency

One day I have read in France interesting thing. And Since that day I have 5 rules in my life!

1. Ayant risqué une fois-on peut rester heureux toute la vie.

2. Il n`est jamais tard d`être celui qu`on veut. Exécute les rêves.

3. Jouis de chaque moment.

4. C`est l`amour que vous faut.

5. L’amour vers soi-même est le début du roman qui dure toute la vie.

Now I know this words is very important in my life!

With this words start my new page!

One year ago I came to Dating Agency and give my photos with short information about me.

I had some date but it’s was without secsesful just date with some nice single man.

But was sure that words which I read before it’s truth. Every time I had in my head “ Les rêves se réalisent.”

And one day it’s happen!

It’s was everything, Dating Agency call me and invited for date.

When we met first time and see each other we start feel something very special.

I was sure it’s real love!

It’s love which I waited all life!

I was really very happy!

We understand each other very good, we have the same interests and dreaming, we both want have serious relationships and have family one day, we dreaming about real truth love. He always was very open and honest with me, he make me a lot of compliments and presents red flowers which I like. His heart is very big and open for our love and feelings.

Every time when we see each other we feel very strong feelings. And we know - it’s love. Our love, its our present of life. I never had so strong feelings like now. And now I know what is it love.

Love it’s when you don’t wait nothing from your partner... you just wait this moment when you see him, you wait moment when he say you “ I love you”

Love - it’s when you can’t live without this man. When you sure about your choice...

Love it’s when you think about him every day, every minutes and wait when you see him again....

Love - it’s when you open eyes and try find him...

Love - it’s when you can’t sleep because he fat from you...

Love- it’s when you happy hear his voice and see his eyes ...

Love very simple, very easy...

But not everyone can understand it. Who never had real love can’t understand how it’s easy love....

You don’t need nothing in this life.

Becouse you have everything.

Real and truth love it’s everything.

My real man show me this, he teach me and I understood what is real feelings...

Before I thought, love it’s something different...

But love live inside us, and we have it since we born. When we grow up we forget about this feelings.

It’s the biggest happiness to feel it and understand what is real love!

I would like that everyone who is single, find him love!

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