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Our Client from USA About Us

I have traveled to Ukraine 10x over the past decade, and went on a marriage tour with  other agencies, and also have used about 10 different matchmakers over the years in Ukraine to try to find a wife for me


Comparing Luda to the other matchmakers:

  1. Her fees are reasonable, other agencies charge $70/introduction, Luda and I agreed to bulk pricing of 8 dates for $400
  2. She does truly try to get to know me as a person to find suitable matches for me
  3. She unfortunately shares the bad habit with other matchmakers of trying to "expand my parameters" which is not helpful, as if I weren't so picky I would just find matches myself, and not have to pay for her services
  4. She is honest, and did agree to match me up with a "makeup" date when one of her dates acted inappropriately so I did not start the date (although this took more negotiation than I thought was reasonable or ideal)
  5. Her dates were all uniformly pretty and did match their pictures (except for the declined date mentioned above)
  6. Her dates all spoke English and were professional and had jobs (my parameters)
  7. She was unable to get the girls to not ask for "taxi" money, which we all know they keep and don't use for taxis, but this is endemic to the industry and very difficult to stop (and thus weed out girls who are going on dates as a "part-time job"
  8. She is a bit disorganized, and several times set me up for dates at times I had told her I would not be available, so you really have to help her with her logistics if you don't want there to be problems

Overall, a positive experience, and I would use her again and recommend her


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