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One More Time About Marriage

 We have a very nice client in our agency. We arranged to him one girl , but she did not appreciated him and everything what he has done for her. They separated and he is alone. But time to time he writes very interesting article and gives to us the permission to publish those articles in our site.

 Today I want to publish a part of his article, but very  good advises to our clients about marriage.

 Dear our clients! Read this article and maybe It will help you in your life to make the right decisions.


"Never rush into actual marriage. Take your time.


It takes time to get to know each other. Never blame your job or situation.


Dating can flip around but is serious matter.


We are all lonely and living in solitude. Yes i agree. But is it worth to risk everything we got because we fell in love at 1st sight or because i can't quit my job so i need to make decision asap?


Even you fell in love at first sight, and you felt she is perfect still need to take time to get to know each other.


If you can't trust her in long distance relationship then move to ukraine or country where she is at..spend time. Buy a small condo or rent it for long term and spend enough time with her.


There are millions of way to detect she is wrong girl..but there is no single way to find out if she is the one.


You have to spend time with her.


Time is true solution and medicine at the same time.


We are living in mass social media information age.


Most of us are connected and share infos via internet. 20 years with largest libraray had most advantage but with largest data center will win 4th industrial revolution.


Girls in ukraine can obtain exactly the same amount of information with girls in USA.


Live and experiment your love life!


If you found some one special then take at least 90 days vacation in ukraine or country where you met her.


Time is the best answer to find your true love.


Don't believe your gut feelings in love. Business yes. But love is such an intangible and unpredicatable phenomena.


You can't own love but love is something you can live by experience.


Don't make final decision until you really know for sure.


I will give you my family case.


My grand father lived thru ww2. He served ambassadorship and spoke more than 3 languages in 1930s.


He dated his grand mom for seven years and he actually visited my grand mom s home town to find out her GPA and schoo record..he wanted to make sure he was marrying the right girl with good family background.


I pray and ask blessing from God almight upon you gentlemen who are looking for humble spiritual lady who will be your wife.


Never loose hope and be patient.


At the end we all will find our true love.


Doesn't matter how long it will take.


P.s. even matchmaker Luda met her true love and she had very short a few years of marriage but she truly experienced amazing love in marriage. Her husband eventually passed away but she still remembers her genuine experience"

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