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One + 7 Golden Dating Tips On 1st date!

0. Dress suit and tie. (imagine yourself as James Bond 007 in exotic colors)

- Suit and ties are very respectful way of expressing yourself. It doesn't matter how you look or how old you are. Even you are average look or unattractive, you can look like gentlemen and decorate yourself into attractive men. Use proper colors for seasonal changes in the location where you are. Wear clean and nice shoes, but no fancy shoes. Ladies who look for husband who is industrious and gentle to his future wife not fancy play boy. So choose fashion with proper image. Survey shows most of women in europe, America and asia feel aroused with man with good colorful matching suit with ties wearing shoes.

1. Always smile and bring flowers

- no one hates smiling person and no ladies reject flowers. If ladies don't smile when you bring flowers then she has no heart. Even you may not be handsome as brad pitt nor George Clooney, if you smile all the time, your smile will bring better mood to ladies and they will be more approachable.

2. Show respect and kiss her hands and pull her chair before she take seat.

- Enjoy being Gentleman. When you treat ladies like classy ladies, they will try to show their best attitudes of them. Even you show such a manners, if ladies don't show appreciation then just kick them out of your dating zone right away!

3. Never take out for meal on 1st date! Drinks and sweets only!

 - This is classic rule in everywhere from USA to Asia to Europe. Whole point of drinks only is to concentrate your whole body and mind on first date to read each other and perceive each other. If you start eating on first date then your stomach will require more blood and your brain will be too relaxed and loose concentration. And you will need to use extra attention to order which meal for her and yourself. This whole process will take away lots of energy.

More importantly, if you just had drinks and sweets on 1st date then it would be easier for you to blow her off easier if you don't want to meet her again. Plus why waste lunch money for pontential blow off girl? You can always take the girl of your dream to nicer restaurant on 2nd date.

4. Never talk about money on first date.

- Whether you are rich or is toxic topic to discuss on 1st date. As soon as you bring subject of money, pure romance is blown away. Even greedy gold diggers won't talk about money on 1st date.

5. Try to stay within fun topics as such as hobbies and travels.

- Favorite colors and food and movies.

- fashion styles and book authors

- no politics and no religions

6. Before you say good bye..

- if you are attracted to her enough for 2nd date, ask when does she want to get married?  Where does she want to live in future. These (when & where) topics are crucial to your future decisions. And make sure if she is consistent to her own answers.  Girls pretend and lies often. Most girls do. Very a few good girls are down to earth honest. Even white lies are lies. Make sure you check these qualities consitently from 1st to following dates.

Time is always against you then girls...especially when girls are much younger than you. Don't waste your time!

7. If you like her enough then ask her for 2nd date as soon as possible. Spend 1 to 2 hours on 2nd date and discuss more deeper topics. Never take girls to shopping mall on 2nd date. If she ask you to go to shopping mall then cut her off right away. You didn't fly 5 to 17 hours to buy her things. Don't buy her gifts except dinner and flowers.

(This 7th golden advice is from Luda)

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