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 For many people It is only positive emotions.yes, I agree. But the life after marriage I t is not only the roses and a cap of coffee in the morning together. If you want to be happy in marriage -you need to work a lot in your emotions and not only emotions.

 I have read in Internet one article and I liked it a lot. My thoughts are the same , but the other explained them so clear.

 I want that my client also will read this article and maybe this article will help somebody to think more serious about marriage. Here the article:

"Some people have this terribly skewed idea of what it’s like to be married. As though they’ll finally have made it. As though they’ll cross this river of success and will happily enjoy adulthood on the other side.

Marriage is by no means an answer to any of life’s questions. It does not equate to happiness. It does not mean you’ve made it.

It’s one of the oldest and most difficult to understand institutions in the world. And it will only thrive when you stop having expectations society has given you, expectations you didn’t even know you had until they come out one day in a terribly ugly display of disappointment.

I’ve only now begun to realize that this isn’t “it.”

Being a wife doesn’t define me. Being a husband certainly doesn’t define him. We’re still two people feeling our way through life, just as we were when we first met. But we’ve decided to put on paper that we’d do it together. That’s all it is.

In the same way people say that you’re never really ready for a baby, you’re never really ready for marriage either. And it’s not because you don’t love the person or don’t enjoy their company.

It’s not because you don’t feel joy at the idea of spending every day and night with them doing everything you’ve ever wanted to do, as though you’re on an extended vacation together that’s going to last forever and ever.

It’s not because you didn’t mean it when you promised in front of everyone to be with this person in sickness and in health for as long as you both shall live.

It’s all very sweet and romantic to think about when you’re in love with someone. But marriage isn’t about being with someone you’re madly in love with because you happen to only see their best traits.

Marriage is about being with a person who is as complex and imperfect as you are, and accepting them for it.

Marriage is about being with someone whose ability to bring out both the best and worst in you brings you to your knees.

Marriage is humbling. It’s scary. It’s messy. It’s unpredictable. And for those who figure out how to make it work through all the adversities you will find yourselves in, marriage becomes a testament of truth and of love. At least that’s what I’m hoping for."

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