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Love Story in Our Agency


 We continue to publish  the love story , which happened in our agency.

 So , it was decided that Oxana, me, and Alex will go to the vacation in a warm country. But Oxana works in Ukraine TV,  it is not easy  to her to be free the dates , when Alex could. Oxana is a very famous person in Ukraine, you can see her on Ukrainian TV  every week. She is not an ordinary girl. She was working a lot in order to be in this top. She has a job , which all girls are only dreaming to have. And , of course, in order to go to vacation she has to take the permission of her boss. 

 She has arranged everything, but she has to pay one her college, which had to work instead of Oxana  those days of Oxana's vacation.

  And  when Alex knew about this he told "No".  He lost money on tickets and reservation of hotel , but it was sure "No".

 As for me, I dint try to change the situation. As a ruler , I try always to speak with her and with him , in order to safe the situation. In order to help the people to be married, I had to work a lot. And sometimes a lot of stress before they will be married.

 But this time, I was neutral. I only translated "No" to her and ,and her answer to him "No"  and her answer to him "Good- bye".

 I was very sad, because to create the couple - It take a lot of energy and a lot of time. And,  here , in this case.I was sure , that It will be one more marriage in my  agency.  It seemed, that this love story was finished for always.

 Will be continued...

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