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This is a letter from one of our clients. He is from Rome, she is from Kiev. 

"You could earn at least 50,000.00 euros every year. But you can’t make your friends understand that not all men are equal. There are men who can change a woman’s fate. For example, if you give my cell phone number to Julia and she doesn’t know who I am, she sees 10, 20 photos and thinks she knows a man. I think you need a video all. You have to see people almost really, then even in person. If a man has a house worth 1 million euros and is humiliated by a person he does not know, you associate your name with that behavior. If you want to defend your work, you have to organize a video with you and then give the mobile number to each of the 2.

I in the past, when I had the company invoice or 32 million euros every year. Julia did not understand anything. It is there that awaits Prince Charming. If you want to know a person, go to his house, see how he lives. These women are too naive. They have not understood anything. Italy is not just any country. Italy is 50% of the world’s monuments, it’s Ferrari, Armani, Parmigiano Reggiano, wine, mozzarella, the Pope... Today for 1 coffee and a bitter with the Cardinal I paid 18 euros. But we are in Rome. In Rome every year 26 million tourists arrive. What do these women want more? In this way they harm your work. If you want to work at a high level, you have to have class customers. If every one of your women says that I, for example, am ugly, what do you think can happen for them and then for you? In this way they think they are unattainable, but instead if they come to Italy they cannot even go on holiday and enjoy this paradise because it costs a lot to us.

If I wanted to, in a week at most I would have an Italian woman in the house to live with me, and she would never go away from me. But I need a strong emotion because if I don’t feel something intense, after a while I get bored. And I don’t miss women. I can assure you. It is my choice. Not a condition of difficulty or lack of opportunity. For this reason Julia must be doubly happy and proud."

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