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Jack is Looking future Wife in Ukrainian Villages

In our agency we have a special service-Individual Search.

Sometimes a man cannot find his dream girl for his  marriage. He  was looking for this one special girl everywhere and no result. In this case we propose to him  the Individual Search. What is mean?

It is mean that we go together with my client to another cities and villages in all Ukraine. And as a result, we always  have the result: our client meets his future wife.

This year I was working with Jack from USA.

We started from Kiev region. And then we went to the South of Ukraine. We visited many  big and small cities, the villages and now we are in Odessa. 

Odessa is a very special city. Here are mixed 98 nationalities and the girls are very beautiful.

But the beauty is not everything. Jack is looking for a girl, who is not only beautiful, but has a special charm.

Odessa is a big city and a lot of girls are spoiled, Jack wants to find for marriage a  simple, kind, not spoiled by the big city, girl who will be a faithful wife and good mother for the future children.

In Odessa Jack did not meet such girl and we decided to go to the small cities around Odessa.

A few years ago, I wad doing the same job with my client Tom and  that trip was successful. Now Tom is married and he is very happy.

So, me and Jack decided to make the same trip  and visit the same cities and villages, which we visited with Tom. Tomorrow we go to  Kuyalnik, a special village near Odessa.

Lets hope that we will be lucky there.

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