He Is Not Sure...

Luba, I understand perfectly that you must earn to live. I hope that you will earn enough to live well. I am no longer interested in spending money on women who, without any prejudice of course, cannot give me anything more than what I have. A house, a job, friends, clothes, cars, ... I have many female friends in Italy. I have a good social life. Honestly, I have no desire to financially support a woman. If I have to spend money, I spend money for my children, who must have a future. Life is very difficult for us too. The cost of living has increased because of the lack of Russian gas and oil and for all the aid that has rightly been sent to Ukraine. There are divorced Italian women with a home, a job, money in the bank, cars, possibility to travel, to go shopping without problems. I do not want to complicate my life with a foreigner, the foreigner who has these disadvantages , as a man without hypocrisy, it is only good for a short time, just for fun. I don’t know these people  and I do not put a strange in my house, even though she could potentially be a decent woman, but I do not want to risk any bad surprises.

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