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Ghost Rider written by Love Guru Panda

Many people ask us to continue to publish the story, which  we started to publish  some weeks ago...

Moto and Prof Natalia were once again in the car and drove to rich city called Bellevue which is about 35 mins from Dark City. Natalia gave Moto a detailed directions, She would indicate with her fingers as same as Natasha did before. Shortly after, they arrived in very pretty park in the heart of city Bellevue. This is a park where you can see the landscapes of entire buildings of Bellevue. Natalia led Moto to walk to beautiful site.

Then she stopped at peak location.

" Natasha is here. "

" Here? Where I can't see her."

" Right here Moto."

Natalia was pointing finger down. And Moto could not close his mouth.

It was graveyard of Natasha. Right in front of them. Moto was shocked and sat down on the ground.

" Are you saying she was not human when I met her? She was already dead? "

" Moto, she died 12years ago from the day you met her at that site."

" I don't understand."

" She is my twin sister. We looked exactly same. And even had same names."

" What? So you are her sister? Identical twin sister? "

Moto was crying and couldn't believe what happened.

" I am sorry Moto. I don't know what to say and explain to you."

" So it was her ghost who I met ?"

" I need to tell you a story ... actually I was supposed to be in that car accident."

Natalia explained what happened that day, 12 years ago. It was night for entire family meal. Birthday party for both twin girls. They just turned into age of 18 and both got into same college. But Natalia was sick and decided to stay at home. And Natasha was went out with her boy friend. Her boy friend picked up her and drove to meet their parents at restaurant at down town Dark City. Natasha's boy friend was car mania also loved to drift and his name was also Moto but with nick name Psycho. Moto Psycho and Natasha drifted on the 'Misty Drive Way' like how Moto drove at that day 6 months ago. Natalia and Natasha's parents asked Natalia to come along with Moto Psycho together, because they didn't trust Psycho's driving style or his wild behavior may violate Natasha. But Natalia decided to stay at home due to her fever and illness. And Natasha went along with Psycho alone. Wild drifting on wet rainy season, the car flipped over and both died in the accident at the site in front of Big Tree. 

{we will continue to publish}

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