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Ghost Rider written by Love Guru Panda

Many people ask us to continue to publish the story, which  we started to publish  some weeks ago...

His college life began, taking classes then go to gas station after classes as part time job. And drove by that Big Tree site where he met Natasha. But he never saw her again for entire semester, for 6 months. He really missed her. Loosing his virginity to his dream girl who had tragedy upon first day he met her. His life went on but he couldn't forget this mysterious affair with Natasha. He prayed to God so if he can meet Natasha again in his life whenever he had chance to pray at church or his home.

And then Summer break came. Moto chose to take a few summer courses to speed up his college degree. He had to take English literature class as requirement for his major as Economy. First day of class, he sat at very first row of seats to hear clearly from Professor. The professor is supposed to be Mr. Ohio but he moved out to different state for new position in other school, replacement professor came in. And Moto was shocked to death.

It was Natasha. Professor Natasha. Well her name was Professor Natalia but it was her. Same face and body figure, beautiful blond hair with grey blue eyes. Moto couldn't believe what was happening. He thought she was only 15 or younger. During whole class he was looking at her face but she didn't act like she knew him. Made him a big strange feeling even a bit angry. After lecture was over, he waited on line to speak to Professor Natalia. Many students wanted to ask questions to her, male students mostly. I bet they were all hitting on her. My turn came.. and I hugged her and kissed her on her cheek and said,

" Long time no see, Natasha! "

She flinched and surprised and stepped back and pushed Moto a bit.

" Excuse me what was that, Do I know you ?"

" Natasha it is me, Moto. You already forgot? At Big tree and car accident? I invited you to my Aunty's home that night? "

" I absolutely have no idea what you re talking about."

{we will continue to publish}

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