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Ghost Rider written by Love Guru Panda

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Driving downward from his Aunty's home following thru ' Misty Drive Ways' was quite fun, lots of S courses, left and right, continuous turns. He wanted to drift along these 'S; shaped shoreline driving roads. Moto decided to drift a little bit. No cars were in front of his ways for maybe at least half a mile or one mile. He drifted left..then right..a bit of moist on the road and car was slipping a bit but not to the point to flip over or hit the curves. He was drifting his car for 5 minutes, his Aunty's Aya had front wheel drive Acura TLX 2 door sedan. It was perfect for these kind of drifting. His face of full of smile thinking he could really get used to this ' Dark City' driving life style.

and Suddenly, some thing or some one appeared in the middle of the road.

He had to turn his handle to 90 degree to stop entire vehicle to avoid this thing.

' kigigigigigik' such squeezing sounds of tire frictions on the road. He managed to turn his car and stopped infront of this thing..wait it was a girl ...

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