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Ghost Rider written by Love Guru Panda

Ghost Rider written by Love Guru Panda


Ghost Rider written by Love Guru Panda


Name of the City was Dark City by Bay. The city rarely gets sun. It is very close to high mountains by sea and cold all year around but doesn't snow. The flowers are only seen on high altitude of Mountains and animals only appear during heavy foggy seasons.


The color of the city is more grey than blue and it has more foggy days than sunny days. Most of people live here don't come out often because it rains 9 months a year.


Cars drive thru roads next to cliff by shore of sea and early morning or late afternoon, ocean fogs make harder to see the clear road. Many accidents happens in these shoreline driving roads by sea. Many deers or rabbits die every months. And some times, unfortunately young teenagers cross the driving ways to prove who is faster than loose their life.


This unpopular drive shore way is called ' Misty drive ways'.


Up in the hill of these 'Misty Drive Ways', many residents were living in the house with bay hill views. And there was one family called 'Constantinos' an old couple has been living up in hill top house which is located at very end of ' Misty Drive Ways.' The man of the house was originally from Rome, Italy. The rumor is that he was the priest once and he decided to quit during his prime priesthood and he married to the Nun from ' Nagasaki' in Japan. They never had children but lived in peace up in this hill. They do not attend Catholic Church any more for the church consider for them as fallen priest and nun. But both of them had very strange gifts. The people who lived in this hill valley area along 'Misty Drive Ways' often visited this couple to receive prayers. And the prayer contents were kept in confidential to protect the privacy of people. Some people said, these Mr. and Mrs. Constantinos have gift to communicate with innocent spirits who were hit by cars and some people are saying, they could send these wandering spirits back to spiritual path to heaven or hell. And some people are saying they could perform Excorcism. Truth may reveal in no time. The story begins with when the nephew of Mrs. Constantinos from Nagasaki moved to this Hill top of Dark City 

[ will be continued]

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