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Do's and Don't s in Dating !

3. Daddy Issues

- I always advise my friends and clients in business to avoid girls with daddy issues.

For instance, the girls with absence of father. Her father left the family when she was young or, abused girl by her dad, Dad who divorced her mom and never took care of family. Whether you are American, Asian, European, Middle Easterner, this fundamental issue are identical. Don't take chances with girls with daddy issues. The real problem here is, the ladies with daddy issues have trust issue with men generally.

Now, even the girl grew up from divorced family but she maintained relationship with her dad and if the girl overcome these issues and became whole person as independent entity, then the risk of having problem will be greatly lesser. Just ask yourselves, if any of you Gentlemen, grew up without mom then how would you turn out to be in terms of trusting women? It won't be easy. So Avoid ladies with Daddy Issues!

Many men with kind heart fell into these traps. Go after emotionally healthy ones!


I wrote numbers of articles about making a better choices in finding your future wife and I believe some of points are overlapping from one article to another. And they do because they are inter related to each other in various fields.

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