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Do's and Don't s in Dating !

N Iow it is time to pay attention to Don't do !!!

Avoid 3 traps we men commonly fall into ...


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1. Trap of Animal Lover!

- Okay let's be serious, when a girl say she loves animal, what does it really mean? In these days, it is almost impossible to find some one who does't like animals. US consumers spend nearly 2 billion USD for Pet related products. Small but rich country South Korea spent 1.2 billion USD for Pet foods, spa, sauna, grooming, health care and accessories last year. We must differentiate Pet Lover and husband Lover. A lady who loves Cat or Dog doesn't mean she has good heart. In USA, people spend so much money on pets and nearly every one has dogs and cats. But also there are many people who throw away their own pets because animals become older and uglier then just abandon them on streets. And many animal shelters adopt these animals but if these animals don't find new owner then after certain period of time, these animals will be put into sleep for good by injections. This is typical double standard of many developed society. I met Animal activist who eat animals for dinners. Don't you think animal activist should be a vegetarian? So I want all of you Gentlemen to be careful with these traps of Animal Lovers. Psychologist came up with category of " people who loves their animals but at the same time they could kill their mothers." Some people who are socially not active tend to be overly attached to their cats and dogs. These types of people are unhealthy, mentally and emotionally. AVOID your Mission! It's a trap!!!

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