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Do's and Don't s in Dating !

Greeting from Kiev with Love


I believe the weather is becoming so warm in Ukraine.

Hope the sunshine and new warmth of summer breeze will bliss your New Adventure to find Love of your life.


Today I want to share advice for your fantastic yet challenging upcoming dates!

My purpose of these advice is to maximize your potentiality and use your time and energy in most efficient ways.



- Do 3 Ps


- Avoid 3 Ts



what are 3 Ps ??


1. Principle : Every Miracle of Love or Politics or Designing a product or anything you do valuable need foundation of Principle. This is very crucial philosophy. Just like any forms of Art in the world and our human civilization, Love also need Principle. Each individuals have different principle values in relationship, friendship, work ethic, even family. The family value is key but let's not forget the family structure and roles of husband and wives are different in each different countries. In US, even within different states, have different roles of husband and wives. If you go to NYC or DC, Boston, feminism is very natural social practice, women expect man to share household responsibilities. But if you go to Texas or Alabama or Oklahoma, the role of women are very much like old days and women usually quite their job and stay home take care of children and household works after delivery of baby. In Europe, Swedish wife will treat you like barbarian if you don't share kitchen responsibilities as a husband. And there are so many principles in your life as such as work ethics and priority in choosing a job. I know some of my friends would rather get paid less for job which they can spend more time with family. And also i have friends who are in investment banking or corporate law, high salary is more important than laid back lifestyle or some of them won't mind working with corrupted business practice as well. Ukraine is rather more conservative than other Western European countries when it comes to family values but many young generation ladies are changing very fact. I met some young lawyers even in small town, they want to share house works equally with their husbands nowadays. So it is important to discuss these issues from very early stage of relationship. If you find it after you fell in love then it is very hard to change. Remember, social media and information on internet has been changing entire world into similar than different and Ukraine is not exceptional. But still many young Ukrainian ladies still prefer to have traditional family style. However, if new generation Ukrainian lady want to have both, for example, keep the old way of man providing all the economic needs and also wants to share household works with husband, then you might

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