Better To Find Italian Woman

 Our client dicided to find Italian woman,not Ukrainian. This is his decition. Maybe he is right.

Luba good evening. I don’t want to offend any woman, but frankly I’m not very interested in getting engaged to a Ukrainian woman. No prejudice on my part, but I have no advantage. I should be financially supporting a Ukrainian woman and I honestly cannot afford that. Moreover, I prefer to spend my money, earned honestly, to provide for the needs of my children and my personal life. I prefer an Italian woman, even less young, but who has a home, a job, money, a car of her own. But anything can happen in life. So I’m not ruling anything out. But it might be interesting maybe to create an e-commerce to introduce these Ukrainian women to Italian men. With you But the number of women must be very high. Also the cost for these customers should not be excessive because there are many sites .,... Or eurocupid type sites where it is easy to meet foreign women. I spent a nice weekend with a Ukrainian woman recently, but I did not want to continue the relation

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