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Article for Men

 Our client from USA wrote to us a very nice article. we want to publish it, because this question is very important  for men. 

 Dear men! Read this article and maybe this article will help you to avoid some problems in the  relations with our girls.

If the girl is asking for money from you ....

So dear my gents who are looking for soul mate who will share the rest of the life ..

From my own experience and so many cases from many men...

When a girl is asking for money from you...

Then this is red flag sign no matter how did she treat you.

Even she french kissed you ... Just walk away and never give a money.

50 USD or 100 usd or 200 usd.

Actually good marriage agent will always warn you never give money to girls until engagement or marriage.

It doesn't matter how generous you are the girl will never fall in love with you through your generous giving money.

Women are very complex creatures.

Emotion and logic go different ways in women's heart.

You need to be good guy and some times difficult guy..from time to time.

If you are always being nice then they will expect you to be nice always.

You need to be cold enough to say no when you feel she is crossing over boundaries.

At the same time you need to be calm and never loose your temper.

It is important to let the girl you are dating knows that you can walk away any time.

Small gift and flowers are nice gestures.

Let me list a few red flags.

1. Asking for money on 1st or 2nd date. - never give money to a girl. This is clear red flag. Walk away.  Never never give money.

2. You asked her to send her family photos or photos with friends. - very red alert sign. The girl doesn't want to show her family and friends usually means she doesn't want to share her private life with you. Chances are..she is keeping you away from her friends and family too.

3. She met you first or 2nd time but asking for extra food to take home. This a bit complex situation. But chances are..if she wants to take extra food or wine from restaurant then she must ask for your permission. Whether you say yes or no. It is typical red alert sign. These types of girls are usually filled with beggar mind. She will act even worse after you got married.

4. Taxi fare - i met over 40 girls in Ukraine. Only girl who didn't take taxi money was single mol who was 24 years old who worked for us firm and she made over 1000 usd per month. She was graceful. Whenever we met she would bring small gifts and never tried to take money..even taxi money. There are good women in Ukraine
But whenever a girl ask for more than 500 uah for taxi fare. It is bad sign. Tell her you only brought credit card.

5. When she ask for money - ask her this question 'are you serious?'  Well from practical view point, the girls want money from men who she met once or 2nd time....

Let me tell you guys something.
Never let them get things for free. The girls must earn from you. They must make you happy and make your time worth it.

Marriage agent who are professional ones never tell their clients to give money to girls.

Learn from local Ukrainian guys.
Ukrainian guys would never give money to girl unless they have sexual relationship.

If you are not having sexual relationship with the girl then never give them money.

It sounds harsh and not holy. But guess what is harsh every where. And most of girls who come out in meetings went through harsh real life and they know it is not easy to meet generous men in Ukraine.

But ones who met many expats got spoiled very bad...because men from other country tend to be over generous.

Don't spoil these girls.

You have to be realistic.

Be a man with good manners and be humourous. But becareful with money and gifts.

And plus you want to be with girl who is not a gold digger right?

Then start relationship with platonic romance.

Meet many girls as possible.

Many many as possible.

Good luck gentlemen.

From kiev with Love.


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