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5 Platinum tips for 2nd date. Part 3

5. History Channel.

- ask her past relationships and why things didn't work out. I am pretty sure she won't tell you 100% every true stories. But when you look into her eyes while listening to her story, you will be able to sense if she is telling you the truth or not. 

For example, if she blinks her eyes too often, not a good sign.

If she is looking at another direction while she is talking not a good sign.

If she doesn't show any emotions when she talk about her ex. Not a good sign.

If she is quite attractive and over 20 years old and saying she never had boy friend before, usually not true.

- ask her reasons why past relationship didn't work out. She will tell you the story. But most of 99% of girls will blame the ex boy friend or situation. No girls will blame herself. But if the girl blames herself then she is honest girl. Very hard to find a girl who blames herself.

Objective of asking history of her past is not to find out facts!

It is to find out how she respond to your question.

 If she blames everything on her ex. Then she will blame you when things go wrong with you.

If she blames circumstances then she will blame circumstances during your relationship or marriage with you too.

If she blames herself then she is the kind of person who will acknowledge her part of error or mistake in relationship and marriage with you too if you treated her faithfully and generously.

Love relationship is very similar to any relationship in life.

It is natural to take some time to get to know each other and trust each other.

Don't follow your passion and don't follow your gut feeling.

Incremental growth in relationship is key to be successful in dating.

When you make rush decision to fall into marriage then you will be the one who will clean up the mess. It is your lifetime decision. 

As much as life was given as a gift from God, LOVE also is blissful gift from God.

President Donald Trump dated 7 years with First Lady Melanie before they tied their knot to be legally married.

Time is most effective solution to find out if your lady is compatible or not.

Never rush into marriage without spending enough time together. 

Don't listent to any one else except yourself.

From Kiev with Love.

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