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'Tulip Fever' and Your True Love? Part 3

If i share my story, i thought i was looking for simple young lady who can be simple wife with cooking and cleaning habbits who like to have kids.
With blonde hair and blue eyes under 25 yrs old.

But when i actually met this type of girl...i couldn't spend even 5 days together. Her mind and habits were too simple and limited to her own simple circle of her daily life..we couldn't share any thing together ...from cuisines to films and music ..she wouldn't or couldn't try anything new.

I got really frustrated...

And i got really stressed out..

I started with looking for simple house wife in Ukraine and ended up realizing it wasn't what i needed in my life.

And she was quite pretty lady with economics degree in university.

My point is ...this whole match making journey is to find what you need to love and care and share for yourself...for good.

Christopher Columbus was looking for Indian continent when he left Spain but he found American continent instead. 

It wasn't what he was looking for but it was what Europe needed.

If he didn't find American continent then probably we all must've been speaking German by now.

Don't be disappointed if you realized that your lady turned out not to be what you thought.

Never give up hope and move on...

Be free from your own desire and attachment.

Expand your horizon and open your arms...

And happy thanks giving!!!

From Kiev with Love

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