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'Tulip Fever' and Your True Love? Part 2

Now it does work for some people but it is rather dangerous risky act than building stable family.

Especially if you are planning to settle down and have children and live happily ever after until your death, then your approach suppose to be a bit different than passionate butterfly like feelings.

'Tulip Fever' will show you many aspects of love and passion and sin and errors and failures and challenges...

And i believe each of you will find different lessons and aspects from this film.

What i truly learned from meeting over 40 ladies and self reflections and trials of my emotional journey...

Most critical thing i learned was not finding my perfect ideal lady i wanted...but rather..i realized myself..what i needed..which qualities and kinds of characteristics in lady i needed..

And i can't stop emphasizing over and over again..

Never let your passion take over your soul and rationale logical balances.

Marriage is long journey...

It is the most important part of our life. You shall never make a decision thru your passion.

Take your time and go thru every details and compatibilities.

But more important than anything else..

Find out what you truly need in your life.

After you found the closest ideal lady and if both of you feel attracted to each other than take your time and get to really know each other.

Test every parts of her qualities and spend lots of time and invest your resources to relationship.

And if you realize she wasn't the right one then move on...

Don't try to change her or don't try to change yourself to fit into her needs.

It is endless adventure until you find most suitable one.

At the end you will find one who most compatible who you can really talk and discuss daily things to any kinds of issues.

Soul mate doesn't mean you both agree on every issues or having similar hobbies or same taste in movies or musics.

Compatible soul mates will be flexible enough to try your hobby or her hobby..

Soul mate actually means mate who has souls who share with same kind of values and ethics 
And facing same direction to next journey together.

What do you want in your life?

(We will continue publish)

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