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'Tulip Fever' and Your True Love? Part 1

If your age is over 40 and on the journey to find true love then i advise you to watch this film

'Tulip Fever'

It is based on true historical events and the story is quite simple and dynamic.

And i wanted to share my own emotional experience with you thru this article.

Love is like a fever in a sense of falling in love or love at first sight...

And since when i was 10 years old to now... Mid 40s. I believe i always followed my emotional attraction which didn't end well.

And this is why I highly do not recommend to follow your emotional heart when it comes to finding your true love.

Falling in Love at first sight doesn't happen very often in our life times but at the same time, it doesn't mean these love at first sight or exremely passionate moments are signs of true love as well.

{We willcontinue publish}

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